The Cutest Lil’ Erasers 

There is absolutely nothing that gives me more joy than kitschy miniature school supplies (ESPECIALLY when they are meant to look like little snacks!). I got a package yesterday and these came as a little add-on surprise and I freaked out. I’m OBSESSED!

Here is a little eraser pic to soothe the Tuesday blues.

They are so cute! I want every single eraser that they make.



Weekend Round-up: Livin’ it up in the City

Most fun weekend ever! I keep looking at pictures and start cracking up at my desk… I think the ladies next to me think I’ve finally lost it.

While we had some more tame moments like sipping mint tea at The Standard and gorging ourselves with pita at Souvlaki GR, this was a definitely more of a crazy drunken extravaganza.

Love these weirdos!



#TBT to us day drinking Caipirinhas in São Paulo. Can’t believe this was six weeks ago!

So excited to day drink with the gals this weekend in NY and pretend it’s not snowing! 💃💃💃


DIY: Marbled Coasters

Okay so I followed the instructions on Earnest Home and I LOVE how they turned out. They were surprisingly difficult to work with (I think the sculpey I was using might have been a little old. It took all of my strength to mush these colors together but I’m so glad I didn’t give up! The edges are painted with gold which makes them look so professional and unified. First I used a gold sharpie pen but for some reason that never dried. I ended up spraying some gold spray paint into a bowl and using my finger to apply. I love that they grey color has a bit of sparkle in it. I think these would make such a nice gift!