DIY: Off the Chain

So a few weeks ago I got this MBMJ iPad case on super sale from Shopbop. I have had my eye on it for ages so I was so excited when I saw it on sale! I used it as it was intended for about a week (just as a case) and then I decided I needed more… I could totally make this into a shoulder bag/ clutch! I found this yellow chain lying around my house (similar one here) and the rest is history.

It is not the most professional DIY judging by the inside handy work (or lack thereof) but I love that it is detachable and it does the job! 🙂To attach the chain, I hooked a key ring onto the tag on the inside of the bag, then hooked the chain onto this, linking it to the ring on both sides. To cut the chain to size, I used an 18-inch bolt cutter. The end result is a little heavy but I LOVE how it looks. Hopefully since it is a small purse, the weight I save in things that can’t fit in it will counter the weight of the chain… 🙂

Happy DIYing!



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