Good Morning from Italy!

JK! I wish. I’m crying. 

Pretending to be in Italy with my Bialetti Moka and my cute new tray from Italian brand Seletti (from the Seletti x Toiletpaper collaboration). 

I have been eyeing these trays for a while now and when I saw them start to sell out I quickly ordered my favorite two!

I love them… they are so weird! Look at the eyeballs in the flowers on the blue tray! They are so up my alley. 



The Cutest Lil’ Erasers 

There is absolutely nothing that gives me more joy than kitschy miniature school supplies (ESPECIALLY when they are meant to look like little snacks!). I got a package yesterday and these came as a little add-on surprise and I freaked out. I’m OBSESSED!

Here is a little eraser pic to soothe the Tuesday blues.

They are so cute! I want every single eraser that they make.