Master Chef: Mom’s “Spaghetti”

🎼 Palms are sweaty/ Knees weak, arms are heavy/ vomit on my sweater already/ Mom’s spaghetti🎶🎶

Some tunes to get you ready for dinner tonight. 

This “Mom’s Spaghetti” is actually zucchini spaghetti, a favorite of my mother’s. I promise I’m not just throwing shade at spaghetti (I would never) 😏… But if I were it would be because of this recipe!!

I made this with the veggetti– the most amazing tool. (It carves vegetables into thin strips). All I did was carve the zucchini, steam the strips and serve with sauce! Embarrassingly easy. 

I make this all the time but this time I prepared it just with Rao’s Marinara Sauce and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano (I’m sleepy). I have also made it with meatless meat crumbles in the sauce to add some protein and flavor (Gardein and Trader Joe’s are my favorites)! It is so good and so healthy and a super easy alternative to pasta if you are feeling something lighter (or if you are my mother and don’t believe in pasta). 

Bon appetit!



Master Chef: Chicken Piccata

After so many ears of being off and on vegetarian/vegan I finally made my first chicken recipe for Mother’s Day!

It is SO good and pretty easy! The flavor is so rich but the actually dish is pretty light. (My phone just auto corrected “flavor” to “flavio” and I’m loling). 

I used this recipe. The only modifications I made were that I used 2 tbsp butter and 3 tbsp olive oil for the entire dish instead of what is listed in the ingredients. I also used 6 pieces of chicken and I added some white wine while the chicken was simmering. 

Bon appetit!


Master Chef: Bomb-Ass Guacamole 

This is the best guacamole ever. Lots of textures, not too mashed and plenty of flavor. I once ate like two bowls of this stuff in one night… by myself. #YOLO


  • 2 avocados
  • Juice of one lime
  • Garlic Salt
  • Cumin
  • Kosher salt
  • Pepper
  • Cilantro
  • Tomatoes (I used heirloom)

Mash all together and enjoy with some chips and a margarita!


Master Chef: Paleo Pancakes

I am not paleo but these are DELICIOUS. I used this recipe and will def be using it again… tomorrow (and the day after). I had tried the two ingredient (banana and egg) pancakes before and these are 10,000x better.

I kept the pancakes very small to make them easy to flip and cooked them on very low heat.