Happy April 25th!

Happy April 25th y’all! May it be not too hot and not too cold 😜




Pics or it Didn’t Happen: 4/19/15 – 4/25/15

Here is my week in pics

Miles is the cutest puppy angel 👼frolicking in the pond!


The best fruit combo ever! We learned this from a fruit vendor in Brazil and it is sooo delicious and simple.

Tiger is my official guacamole helper. He takes his role very seriously. #mastpurrchef

Friday night in watching the Bruce Jenner-Diane Sawyer interview. #TeamBruce ❤️❤️❤️


Pics or it didn’t happen: 4/12/15 – 4/18/15

My week in pics ❤ ❤ ❤

Sweet Treat! I found this cookie while cleaning out a cupboard. I have no idea how long it has been there but it was mad good. Is that gross? YOLO.

The cutest baby wildflowers spotted on my walk! #SPRING!

Prep the Game of Thrones Premiere. #Winteriscoming margs, #winterisleaving margs, #sunandmystars margs. Just the essentials. (Excuse the ATTROCIOUS photo… I may or may not have been margarita drunk).

Candy Coated Matzah. My solution to Passover leftovers. A beautifully non Kosher for Passover version of my Caramel Chocolate Matzah Crunch.

Friday Night Drinks! I’m still feeling these 😴😴😴



#TBT to our perfect breakfast at the B&B in Appomattox, Virginia (where our nation reunited AND an ideal stopping point between CT and TN).

I could eat this now. No problem. 


Weekend Round-up: Livin’ it up in the City

Most fun weekend ever! I keep looking at pictures and start cracking up at my desk… I think the ladies next to me think I’ve finally lost it.

While we had some more tame moments like sipping mint tea at The Standard and gorging ourselves with pita at Souvlaki GR, this was a definitely more of a crazy drunken extravaganza.

Love these weirdos!



#TBT to us day drinking Caipirinhas in São Paulo. Can’t believe this was six weeks ago!

So excited to day drink with the gals this weekend in NY and pretend it’s not snowing! 💃💃💃




New Orleans October 2014

This was from our New Orleans Roadtrip last year. Let’s go back! Hurricanes and French 75s all around.

I’m loling thinking about one night that we went out and Julia really casually ordered shots (the ones you are never meant to order) from one of the women walking around the bar. The woman comes over to give us the shots but for some reason we weren’t supposed to use our hands, only our mouths. It was the most bizarre thing because we were barely drunk and the place was empty.

Ohhhh New Orleans. ❤